Thursday, June 16, 2016

Show Five

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1) "Heart Like an Ocean" - Josh Gray - Nashville, TN

Josh Gray released his debut self-titled EP in late 2015. He recently moved to Nashville, TN and is working on a full length album. His lyric driven sound is a unique mixture of Blues, Folk, Country, and Bluegrass.
Josh on Facebook.

2) "Back To Country" - Matt Hundley - Nashville, TN

Matt Hundley has joined forces with other Nashville songwriters to rebel against the terrible "pop" country movement that is destroying the future of Country music. His song "Back To Country" pokes fun at the pop country and "bro" country movement.

Matt's Facebook.

3) "My Fight" - Brandon Kent - Corpus Christi, TX

Brandon Kent released his first album this year and is donating 60% of the proceeds to charities supporting homeless veterans. Show Brandon your support and contribute to the cause by buying his album!

Find on Facebook

4) "Another Day" - Bill Hudson - Idaho

Bill loves to write songs and has never gotten them out into the world, until now! Please support Bill and his wonderful music!

5) "My Lord and I" - M. Steven Smith - Orlando, Florida

M. Steven started playing guitar as a young child and continued to play music all his life. He released his first record before graduating on the Holy Kiss label in Nashville. After finding out that he disliked the business side of music, he decided to leave and continue as an independent label.

Email M. Steven Smith.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Show Four

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Song 1: Jasy Stewart - "Room to Breath." - South Carolina

Reverbnation Account

Jasy Stewart is a singer/songwriter out of South Carolina, originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She is indeed the grand-daughter of country queen, Loretta Lynn.

We played Jasy on the last podcast, but that was just a demo she did for somebody. I told Jasy that we would play something that she would want played. The song that we included on this podcast is her real musical style so why not give it a listen?

Song 2:  C.J. Oswald - "Pill Bottle Blues." - Fredrick, MD

Facebook Page

C.J. Oswald (formerly Bats Dynamic Trio, Bats Dynamic String Band) brings an electric approach to song writing and defies genera labels infusing outlaw, rock, blues, jazz, folkwriteracca with jammy tendencies...& a story teller short, you just do not know what you will get unless you go to a show.

Song 3: John Aulabaugh - Springfield, IL

Soundcloud Page

John is a singer/songwriter from Springfield, IL. John started writing songs at the young age of 51, after not picking up the guitar for nearly 25 years!

Song 3: Texas Twisters - "Lonesome" - Spokeane, WA

ReverbNation Account

Band formed in 2010 by front man, Rusty Brown.

Song 4: The Scarecrow Revival - "Never Going Back"

Facebook Page

We are Scarecrow Revival.

You'll find us hammering out Americana originals *and a couple very original covers), telling dark tales from the flat-lands.
The Revival is an acoustic trio - but don't confuse "acoustic" with "quiet." We roll through with the subtly of a freight train.
Download Album

Song 5: - Brandon Norris - "The Big Red Sun" - Excel, Alabama

Facebook Page

Not much about this fella neither! This song is my favorite out of all the songs on the podcast this time. To me he sounds like a dude in his 20s from Cali. Guess I was wrong! The thing is, you can feel his music. Feeling music separates you from other artists and makes you stick out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Show Three

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Song 1: Tuesday Night Blues Band - "Blues about you Baby" - Centennial, Colorado

Band's Website

Tuesday Night Blues Band is made up of four veteran music makers. The band has over 200 years combined playing experience and has played every type of music with every type of band, since they started playing back in their younger days.

Song 2: Jasy Stewart - "Country Blue Jean Boy" - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Reverb Nation Account

Jasy Stewart is a singer/songwriter from South Carolina, originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She is also the granddaughter of country legend, Loretta Lynn. She perfers to play rock music, as you will find when you check out her ReverbNation account.

The song being sung, "Country Blue Jean Boy," was written by songwriter Tom Forson, from Nashville Tennessee.

Song 3: Brandon Kent - "The Older I Get" - Active U.S. Army

Facebook Page

From his Facebook:
"I don't know, I guess you could say I got tired of hearing all this crap on the radio that is passing for country these days."

Song 4: Steve Jack - "In My Old Room" - CT

Reverb Nation

From Steve's ReverbNation
"Steve Jack has been performing in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC area for over twenty five years."

Song 5: David Lorango - "Leaves of November" - LA

Facebook Page

From his website:

David Lorango is a country artist and songwriter currently living in Los Angeles. someone who the Ezaminer recently wrote is "bring out the country in Hollywood." David just released his debut EP "Ride All Night" in 2015, along with his first music video for his single "Leaves of November," which is rapidly racking up the views and streams.

Song 6: Phil Davis - "Love Me" - Pullman, Washington

Contact information is email only and I don't want to reveal his email to the web. He recorded this song on his iphone 6. His acoustics in the room must have been amazing!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can't stop listening!

I am currently listening to the lineup we are going to be playing next week. You know music is good when you have headphones on and get lost inside. Music is suppose to move you and get you thinking about what the lyrics mean. Some music can take you back to your childhood, spark new ideas for your future, and in some cases, save you from making mistakes.

Podcast will be recorded tomorrow night most likely. I think we have around 9 songs this time around, so it will be almost an hour long! The more episodes we release, the closer we get to our max storage space on SoundCloud. I am going to have to take old episodes down to put new ones up. I am currently looking for a place to store the old ones so we can listen back to all the great artists we have played. If you come across any good hosts that are free, please get in contact with me!