Thursday, June 16, 2016

Show Five

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1) "Heart Like an Ocean" - Josh Gray - Nashville, TN

Josh Gray released his debut self-titled EP in late 2015. He recently moved to Nashville, TN and is working on a full length album. His lyric driven sound is a unique mixture of Blues, Folk, Country, and Bluegrass.
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2) "Back To Country" - Matt Hundley - Nashville, TN

Matt Hundley has joined forces with other Nashville songwriters to rebel against the terrible "pop" country movement that is destroying the future of Country music. His song "Back To Country" pokes fun at the pop country and "bro" country movement.

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3) "My Fight" - Brandon Kent - Corpus Christi, TX

Brandon Kent released his first album this year and is donating 60% of the proceeds to charities supporting homeless veterans. Show Brandon your support and contribute to the cause by buying his album!

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4) "Another Day" - Bill Hudson - Idaho

Bill loves to write songs and has never gotten them out into the world, until now! Please support Bill and his wonderful music!

5) "My Lord and I" - M. Steven Smith - Orlando, Florida

M. Steven started playing guitar as a young child and continued to play music all his life. He released his first record before graduating on the Holy Kiss label in Nashville. After finding out that he disliked the business side of music, he decided to leave and continue as an independent label.

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