Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Online Radio Station

We have released 2 podcasts so far on Indie Radio Nashville. To this posting, we have had 70 listens on the first podcast and 19 listens on the second podcast. Hardly enough material to run a 24/7 rotation online. I think musicians get more exposure if we are limited to 6 songs per podcast, yet I think an online radio station would be a cool idea.

My goal in the end is to have enough material to run an indie radio station. I want to have charts and everything to help get exposure. As I am waiting for more material, I am looking for online radio hosts that are free, because running an online radio station can be pricey. What do you guys think? Know of any free hosts?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Show Two

Welcome back to Indie Radio Nashville! We have posted our second show to SoundCloud and hope to get some feedback from the listeners! We are featuring 6 artists from around the world, much like the last podcast. These musicians are independent musicians and appreciate comments from their fans.

Listen here.

Song 1: Mountain Ride - "Long Gone" - Waynesboro, PA
Mountain Ride on Facebook
Mountain Ride Bluegrass website

Mountain Ride is a Pennsylvania bluegrass band fancying both progressive and traditional facets.

Song 2: Jason Kabler - "Livin' Like a King" - Nashville, TN (Greencastle, PA native)
Jason Kabler on Facebook
Jason's Website

Jason Kabler is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Greencastle, PA. He currently resides in Nashville, TN.

Song 3:The Vince Johnson Band - "Every Car Behind Me is a Cop" - Vancouver, WA
Reverbnation Account

See Reverbnation account for his bio.

Song 4: Steel Blossoms - "Love, Love, Love" - Pittsburg, PA (Currently resides in Nashville, TN)
Steel Bossoms on Facebook
Official Steel Blossoms Website

Steel Blossoms duo  is located in Nashville, TN. They hope to reach people through their original lyrics.

Song 5: Tori Anderson & Possum Holler - "What if Jesus Comes Back Like That" - Berkeley Springs, WV
Find them on Facebook
Possum Holler on Soundcloud

Tori Anderson and her husband, Michael, were founders and, for more than 20 years, lead singers of the Possum Holler band. She also was host of “High Noon Saloon” on 104.7 WAYZ country radio. (Record Herald)

Song 6: Corey Rains - "Sail Away" - Marion, PA
Corey Rains on Facebook
Corey Rains on Soundcloud

Corey Rains is a singer/songwriter who currently resides in Marion, PA. He has a album for download on Soundcloud if you like him!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Indie Radio Nashville - Show One

Welcome to Indie Radio Nashville! We have finally released our first podcast with some great musicians! Below is the lineup as it is played in the podcast with information pertaining to the musician. Please click the links and support their music!

Here is Episode 1: Episode One

Song 1: Josh Gray - "Mortality Blues" - Fredrick, MD

Find Josh on Facebook!

From his website: 

"Josh Gray is a folk singer from Frederick, MD. He recently released his debut EP October 2015. His music contains elements of folk, blues, bluegrass, and country."

"At the urging of several close friends, he started playing out and found he really enjoyed it. He's been called a natural storyteller and honed his signature style playing open mics and venues all over Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania. Since then, he's gone on to headline and perform all over. Future plans include a full length album and touring."

I've had the pleasure of playing music with this guy! Please buy his album from his website and support his new release!

Song 2: Corey Rains - "Sweet Carolina" - Marion, Pennsylvania
Like Corey on Facebook!
Download his Full Album for FREE!

Corey Rains is a local guy here around Greencastle, PA. He's actually my uncle too, but I've always love his music since I was a kid. You can download his full album for free on Soundcloud!

Song 3: Shawn Bare Nelson - "Just Curious" - York Haven, Pennsylvania
Shawn's ReverbNation account

"A lover of music: Country, Rock, Jam Band, Acoustic, Jazz, R&B, and Blues, Shawn is a singer/songwriter that performs solo acoustic and electric with his band "Bare Creek Junction."

Song 4: Zack Williamson - "Over the Rainbow" 
Zack's ReverbNation Account

"At one point or another Z Dub has been a professional singer, guitar player, trombone player, drummer and/or keyboardist with commercially successful bands, in a variety of genres from Celtic/Alternative to Punkrock/Reggae to Salsa/Funk. These days, he is a nationally-touring solo artist."

Song 5: Mark Piper - "Hero" - New York
Find Mark on Facebook!

"Mark has performed Rockabilly, Western Swing, and Drinking songs for well over 40 years now and currently hosts ADKs most visted OPEN MIC at Witherbees."

Song 6: Latimore Sky - "Rain" - Gettysburg, PA
Latimore Sky on Facebook!

Latimore Sky is a band coming out of the Gettysburg area that plays rock and roll the way it should be. Originals and covers that rock!

The ends the line-up of Show One. Please click the links and support these musicians! If you are a musician and would like to send me some original material please send it to bmroyer@gmail.com.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Currently working on a release

I've been working on episode one for a few days now and should have it finished before the end of October. I've been looking for places to upload the podcast so everyone could listen to it. Soundcloud was my first option, but I think you need an account to listen. I'm still on the lookout for more options.

I am also still accepting submissions so I can play your music on the podcast. Just let me know!