Friday, March 18, 2016

Show Four

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Song 1: Jasy Stewart - "Room to Breath." - South Carolina

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Jasy Stewart is a singer/songwriter out of South Carolina, originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She is indeed the grand-daughter of country queen, Loretta Lynn.

We played Jasy on the last podcast, but that was just a demo she did for somebody. I told Jasy that we would play something that she would want played. The song that we included on this podcast is her real musical style so why not give it a listen?

Song 2:  C.J. Oswald - "Pill Bottle Blues." - Fredrick, MD

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C.J. Oswald (formerly Bats Dynamic Trio, Bats Dynamic String Band) brings an electric approach to song writing and defies genera labels infusing outlaw, rock, blues, jazz, folkwriteracca with jammy tendencies...& a story teller short, you just do not know what you will get unless you go to a show.

Song 3: John Aulabaugh - Springfield, IL

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John is a singer/songwriter from Springfield, IL. John started writing songs at the young age of 51, after not picking up the guitar for nearly 25 years!

Song 3: Texas Twisters - "Lonesome" - Spokeane, WA

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Band formed in 2010 by front man, Rusty Brown.

Song 4: The Scarecrow Revival - "Never Going Back"

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We are Scarecrow Revival.

You'll find us hammering out Americana originals *and a couple very original covers), telling dark tales from the flat-lands.
The Revival is an acoustic trio - but don't confuse "acoustic" with "quiet." We roll through with the subtly of a freight train.
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Song 5: - Brandon Norris - "The Big Red Sun" - Excel, Alabama

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Not much about this fella neither! This song is my favorite out of all the songs on the podcast this time. To me he sounds like a dude in his 20s from Cali. Guess I was wrong! The thing is, you can feel his music. Feeling music separates you from other artists and makes you stick out.